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Qihu 360 Software Co. Ltd
Powerful anti-virus with 5 motors

360 Security Total is a powerful and innovating software, that protects your computer against any malignant attack. It has a very modern and nice design at first. In the main interface you find the option of verification of the state of your PC or laptop. This function allows you to analyze your equipment being begun with the function To accelerate PC, soon analyzes in search of virus and malicious archives, later verify and release space of your computer and finally, wifi verifies the security of your networks.

360 Security Total is a very complete anti-virus that uses five motors: the motor of the cloud (Cloud 36), repairing motor of the system, motor QVMII To, that it blocks the virus, the motor of the anti-virus Bitdefender world-wide known by his excellent capacity analysis and the motor the Avira Anti-virus.

360 Security Total offers three options of analysis: quick analysis, complete analysis and analysis manual, which you can form according to your preferences. Also, it optimizes and it accelerates your equipment efficiently, releasing space.

Other functionalities of interest of this software are the updates and the SandBox, which allows to open unknown programs maintaining your safe system you.

With 360 Security Total you will not have to worry you about the protection about your equipment, since it offers security you to the 100% thanks to his five motors.


  • - Complete anti-virus
    - Modern and nice interface
    - It has five motors that protect and optimize the equipment
The Contras

  • - The analyses can be a little slow
    - The installation can take a little
360 Security Total