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Elohim Soft
The anti-virus that protects your USB

Acticlean USB is a software that realises thorough cleaning and protects your extraíbles units, examines the USB memories (pendrives) automatically just by to connect them to your PC or laptop in search of virus or other malicious archives soon to eliminate them.

Acticlean is light and it does not occupy much space in your computer and not only it analyzes the units in search of virus, but also it reclaims archives and hidden folders by the same action of malwares that turns them into direct access.

One of the favorable advantages of Acticlean is that you can use it to complement any other anti-virus; their analysis is fast and effective, it allows you to reclaim photos, videos or inaccessible documents in the extraíble unit and, mainly, Acticlean it does not interrupt your activities and it gives trustworthiness you.

The interface of Acticlean USB is very simple and easy to use, you have all at sight information and is of affability by its comfortable handling. It is a program for all the public; only with connecting your units USB Acticlean it analyzes automatically, it is not necessary to make another thing because software already will do it everything by you.

In order to be able to use Acticlean USB you only must connect your extraíble unit to the PC or laptop and automatically software would be in charge to analyze it and to eliminate the dangerous archives that can contain you USB of fast and effective way.

Documents within the USB units called Autorun.inf exist, which is the means that uses the virus and other malicious archives to drive within the USB unit; for that Acticlean USB exists, which avoids that your pendrive is affected by these attacks.

A software similar to Acticlean USB exists called USB Master developed by the same Elohim company Soft. This software (USB Master) is more complete but not free as it is it Acticlean.


  • - Effective
    - Easy use
    - Fast installation
The Contras

  • - She does not have automatic updates
    - She can take in recognizing USB sometimes