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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ is known for being a fast anti-virus, with great detection of virus, powerful and free that eliminates any type of virus of your computer, from malwares, spywares to Trojans.

Unlike version 10, version 11 of Ad-Aware has a new interface improved, comfortable and easy to handle. The beginning of this software shows a modern summary to you of very well organized protection and.

Ad-Aware offers protection in real time against suspicious activities, protection Web that controls the activities of the network and eliminates the threats in line, protection of e-mail to avoid that contained malicious it enters to your computer and protection of network that protects the processes in course and filters the network traffic.

In the protection menu Web we found the options of Parental Control and Anti-Phishing, this last one avoids the visit to websites where they can rob the data of your credit card or any other type of identification.

Ad-Aware Free Anti-virus has an analysis menu where you found three types of analysis for your computer: Fast, which quickly analyzes all the active processes, the Complete one, that realise escaneos of all the resources and archives of your Customized equipment and, where it analyzes the computer based on your own configuration.

In Ad-Aware you can administer the configuration of the application, registries of accounts and keys, also you can protect the software with a key or pin to avoid external attacks or of some user that wants to alter the configuration of the same.

Like another anti-virus, Ad-Aware has the option of Way Game, which deactivates the notifications not to interrupt the activity that you are taking in the computer and a technical support for any doubt or help that you need.


  • - Comfortable interface
    - Fast detection
    - Moderate consumption of memory
The Contras

  • - She does not scan external discs
    - She asks for license registry although he is gratuitous
    - Very slow installation
Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+