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Amir Vigo
Safe anti-virus for USB

AMIR-ANTIVIRUS is an alternative to eliminate all those malicious archives of your USB units and to protect your computer of malignant attacks. The interface of Amir Antivirus is simple and easy to use; a side of the main panel we will be able to observe the basic functions that to you this anti-virus offers.

The Scan USB allows you to realise I scan fast of your extraíbles units, is enough with connecting the unit to your PC or laptop and selecting this function. Scan PC allows you to execute I scan fast of your computer Search virus and other lodged malicious programs in the system.

In AMIR-ANTIVIRUS you have the option to open your and easily fast USB unit, also you can apply vaccines to your PC to protect it of any hidden malignant attack and, in addition, you can reclaim invisible archives of your computer.

This software also allows you to realise a deep cleaning of your PC to eliminate archives trash releasing space in the system. Amir Antivirus focuses in eliminating the threats of your USB but also he protects your personal computer.

AMIR-ANTIVIRUS is so simple and easy to use that any user with experience in software or without her can use it, is comfortable and has all at sight information.

This software of protection does not replace another anti-virus of your computer since it is designed especially to block the threats in USB and to avoid that they propagate to your equipment.

This anti-virus is perfect to eliminate those annoying direct access created by the same virus and that are hidden in the extraíbles units or the disc of your computer. Amir is available in Spanish and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

AMIR-ANTIVIRUS is portable, which means that you can take it in your extraíbles units to where it is without risk of sharing some file infected with another device.


  • - Quick analysis
    - High detection of threats
    - Portable
The Contras

  • - Little attractive user interface