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It eliminates and it blocks all threat of Trojans and dredges

Anti Trojan Elite one is in charge to detect and to neutralize malwares that are assets in your system. This software anti-virus works monitoring and cleaning the system of malicious programs within the hard disk and of the memory in real time. Between malwares more common we have the Trojan horses, spywares or programs spy, and Keyloggers (tracking of keyboard).

Anti Trojan Elite it is a light program that does not consume many resources of the system. I scan of disc and memory is compatible with other programs anti-virus and it is not affected when to execute it if you have other programs running in your computer.

This software at the moment can detect a great amount of Trojans, worms and dredges in your computer, doing it one of the most effective anti-Trojans for this type of tasks.

Anti Trojan Elite it has an user interface quite simple but very easy to use, providing fire-guards against malwares in real time. Also, it explores compressed files ZIP or RAR and offers a backup copy module to reclaim previous archives that have been affected by the troyanas threats. Also, it has a network agent where you can see the connections and an agent of processes where the processes and their characteristics are observed.

On the other hand, Anti Trojan it is updated in line of automatic form when we initiated it, making a pursuit of the Registry of our System in real time.

Anti Trojan, therefore, she is one of the best options to protect your computer against malwares.


  • - High detection of Trojans
    - Protection in real time
    - Light, it does not consume many resources
The Contras

  • - Only in English
Anti Trojan Elite