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Old McDonald ends the threats

Autoturn Eater is one of those programillas useful that all we must have by hand. It is not a anti-virus proper, but the certain thing is that he is able to free of annoying infections and problems to us with our computer. How? Reviewing everything meticulously what we put in our computer, or they are portable CD or devices, as external memories.

It is necessary to emphasize that, often these, supports are contaminated, against its will, by some malware. The threats can hide in the archives of these devices, something that is difficult to detect by anti-virus conventional. This is a problem, since there are very many threats that use these archives to infect computers.

Luckily, we have Autoturn Eater, a program that will end these threats in a matter of minutes.

It is in English, but at least the installation is in Spanish, something that is thanked for enormously.

It lacks interface proper. We will only see an icon in our bar of programs. It will remain, fixed there, hoping to that we use it. Once we press the right button on the same will unfold everything a menu of options that go from scanning certain units to the option Malware Scan, to scan an infected storage device using Microsoft Security Essential, since this program counts on options of cooperation with Microsoft.

What we obtained with Autoturn Eater? To stop threats and to analyze the errors of the registry caused to archives, preventing therefore the operation of a plague of accidental form.

The best thing of everything is than it works in background and we absolutely did not find out that there it is. The worse thing, than is in English and that their functions enough are limited. Therefore, it only can serve to complement security, without replacing a complete and conventional anti-virus evidently.

  • It works in Light background and practical It cooperates with Microsfot Security Essential
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  • In English Use restricted to an only function