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The best thing against spy virus

AVG, one of the anti-virus favorite of the market appears in this opportunity with a software that promises to protect your equipment to the maximum. The essential characteristic of this software is that mainly it protects against threats as Trojans, worms, virus, spyware, adware and all type of malwares.

This anti-malware of AVG highly it is recommended to install in your equipment because it consumes few resources of the system, which allows to have software in background without one is affected the yield of the system.

AVG Anti-Malware protects your computer in real time and, in addition to that, it has a high rate of detection when to carry out the analysis, since it is in charge to examine each one of the present archives in the equipment in search of threats.

In addition, AVG is very easy to use and very effective against all the attacks; its design of interface is basically similar to its software brother: accessible, nice at sight and simple. AVG Anti-Malware also offers protection against rootkits.

This anti-virus not only analyzes archives in your computer but also it analyzes and it protects your e-mails, firewall, done protection of navigation Web, protection against robbery of identities and transferences line. In the panel of the eyelash €œEquipment€ you can see if the data base Anti-virus this updated or obsolete.

AVG Anti-malware, without a doubt, is one of the best options as anti-malware protecting your computer of all type of malicious attack that wants to cause permanent damages in him.


  • - It detects spyware and other threats
    - PC Analyzer that helps the yield
    - It consumes few resources of the system
The Contras

  • - Compatible only until Windows 7