AVG Anti-virus Free 2015
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The safe protection but and completes for your equipment

Best AVG are one of the anti-virus than it exists at the moment in the market, a software that to you complete and effective protection against virus offers, malware, Trojans, spyware and rootkits. This novel anti-virus optimizes your computer and offers a diverse variety in functions, as the Way Game, which realises analysis without needing interrupting the game of your game.

AVG protects your mobile and the identity of robberies, detects and eliminates the virus or another attack of gratuitous way. Anti-virus Free 2015 presents an interface to you comfortable and easy to use available in Spanish, where it shows the states in which is your equipment, the Web, emails and identity; apart from which it always shows to you if the Firewall is assets or no.

This software of protection shows a panel to you of information where it indicates the realised updates and it gives the option you to file the information or to keep them. AVG allows you to create a safe of data where you can keep all the archives that you consider important with password.

The protection anti-virus protects your computer in real time against any malignant attack, is an effective anti-virus to maintain your computer always out of danger. The LinkScanner analyzes any connection Web avoiding that you visit sites that can interrupt navigation by Internet. Online Shield reviews all the archives that you want to unload to protect your computer of possible attacks of virus or any other.

AVG also owns an Analyzer of E-mail to detect emails harmful and, the Anti-Spam, that it maintains the inbox of your clean mail and frees of Spam.
AVG is a complete and simple but simultaneously powerful software that virus protects of gratuitous way your computer blocking, malware and spyware.

AVG Anti-virus Free 2015 also offers protection to you against identity robbery and maintains safe your equipment without complications.


  • - Interface easy to use.
    - Complete and slight protection.
    - It does not interrupt other activities of the computer.
The Contras

  • - Slow installation.
    - Less functions than the payment version.
AVG Anti-virus Free 2015