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Total recovery of completely gratuitous

When our computer enters a blockade which we cannot leave, when we cannot ignite it nor recover information, is normal that we enter panic completely. The pinto thing badly. However, luckily we found solutions as the rescue CD, those programs that count on a set of tools able to relive more to the infected computer. AVG Rescue CD is one of those programs, and not one anyone, the truth, since this program counts on the guarantee of its developer AVG.

One is a completely gratuitous tool, something that is thanked for. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that AVG Rescue CD counts on an USB version, the one that occupies to us here. This version is exactly just as the one of CD, but, in this case, prepared to be introduced in an USB and power to be used in any computer, creating therefore a totally portable set of tools of recovery.

The only problem is that it is in English. However, we are not either before a menu of most complicated. He is easily manageable with that it has a minimum idea of this language.

What advantages offer this program to us? In order to begin, it avoids virus that desinstalan or leaves conventional offside to the anti-virus. Account is necessary to occur that this tool is opened before initiating Windows, reason why the virus cannot deactivate it.

What we will be able to do with AVG Rescue USB? We will be able to make a countless number of things, as looking for virus, publishing archives, to analyze the units or to even publish the Registry, to repair the starting, or to recover data with Disk Test. Without a doubt, it is an option that we must have close and that, in addition, is completely gratuitous.

What we needed? An USB memory that it has, as minimum, about 256 Megabyte of empty space. We lower zip, we decompressed in USB and we are already preparations to use it in anyone of our infected computers.

  • Many tools of recovery in a single zip Tool of portable recovery We can use it in any infected computer Gratuitous
The Contras
  • In English it is not a anti-virus proper