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The way easy and simple to protect itself in line against the threats and without mass

Avira Anti-virus Pro is a anti-virus of very recommendable payment. In order to begin, although he is not gratuitous, the certain thing is that it counts on an annual license of low cost. Also, it has a program of 30 days of tests to be able to enjoy his characteristics and to decide if it is the best option for us.

The installation is quite fast and it does not require resumption, something really attractive. In addition, it counts on constant updates that will obtain that our protection is still greater; and it is that Avira is a German company that is taken very in serious the computer science security.

As far as the anti-virus in himself, it counts on a somewhat sober interface that as soon as it has changed from the first versions of the product. Many options of configuration for the few tools exist that brings with himself; and it is that this anti-virus only concentrates in three points, to scan systems and folders in search of threats, to analyze pages by which we sail and to analyze mails that enters and leaves our PC. However, it is necessary to say that these three functions are, without doubt, most important at the time of choosing a anti-virus.

As anti-virus is powerful, with a really ample effectiveness; and it is that it counts almost on rates of detection of the 100%. In addition, it is necessary to recognize that I scan is of fastest, without needing many resources the system, something that is thanked for while we worked with our equipment. It blocks tracking Trojans, spy programs and an ample variety of injurious programs and virus without too much effort.

One of the most interesting options of this anti-virus is the option that is in charge to control our shared files. Thus, in addition to analyzing our folders, also one worries to scan all the content that arrive to us by email and the one that we sent, to try to close the entrance and exit of all type of malicious software.


  • - Powerful anti-virus
    - Installation without resumption
    - Under consumption of resources
The Contras

  • - Obsolete interface
    - Few tools
Avira Anti-virus Pro