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It detects and it eliminates the DNS-Changer virus of fast and gratuitous form

The Avira DNS-Repair-Tool is a powerful tool able to deshabilitar the DNS-Changer virus. It was a virus that, by the 2011, left there at the time enough damaged very many equipment that no longer could nor be connected to Internet without its navigation was derived to malicious sites that they were maintained only and exclusively by delinquents with the purpose of to compile information of the users.

Although it is certain that in 2011 the creators of servers DNS were arrested by the FBI, we cannot say that the threat has finished definitively. Still some computers exist that after this time continue having problems with their navigation because of this virus nondetected.

Avira DNS-Repair-Tool is directly in charge to clean to your equipment detecting the changes realised in the system by the DNS-Changer virus and undoing them all of them at the same time as it disinfects all the PC completely.

One is a very easy program that it does not need installation. Manual is executed of form from the file exe that we unloaded and simply it counts on two screens, one first in that we accepted to initiate it and other than informs to us if we were or not infected.

Although we did not need to be connected to Internet to be able to use it, nor requires installation some, the certain thing is that the resumption of Windows will be necessary once this application finishes executing itself.

It is portable, easy to use and very recommended for those people who suspect that their systems are being attacked by DNS-Changer. However, we do not have to forget that one is a simple tool for a concrete threat, reason why will not obtain a complete security for our operating system.


  • - Portable
    - Fast
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Avira DNS-Repair-Tool