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Simplicity in a single anti-virus

Avira Free Anti-virus 2015 is a anti-virus free, of complete personal protection that protects your equipment against virus, malware and other malignant attacks of the network. It is a very light anti-virus that always offers to security and protection you for your computer.

Avira is a software of personal use that consumes few resources of the system, its interface characterizes for being simple but as well a little old fashioned unlike another anti-virus. The main panel shows the state to you of protection of your computer and the Internet.

In the same main panel of Avira you can find the Firewall option, which allows to fit the protection you of your networks of Internet. Also we will find in main the Way of Game so that the anti-virus can realise analysis without interrupting your game.

This gratuitous anti-virus offers very good protection and is practical for users who wish to maintain to the margin the attacks of malware and monitors each action that is executed in the operating system of the computer. Avira Free Anti-virus protects your equipment in real time and also it protects your mobile from the application for smarthphones.

The protection software is available in Spanish; it has a motor of fast scanner and powerful, it offers a menu of information and registries of events in your computer. Avira leaves in group of forty the malignant archives or that considers suspects and, in addition to that, you can program the analyses of the system.

One of its points to favor is the fast detection of virus in the equipment, protects your data, your privacy and guarantees the safe one of your equipment before malicious attacks. The version Pro of Avira Free Anti-virus 2015 offers protection of navigation Web, unloading of safe attached archives, purchases in line safe and technical support the 24 hours of the day.


  • - Fast I scan
    - Under memory consumption
    - Great detection of virus
The Contras

  • - She does not scan post office
    - Old fashioned user interface
Avira Free Anti-virus