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Update manual for the Avira products

Avira Fusebundle Generator is a utility that will be to us of much help if we counted on the anti-virus of this developer; and it is that one is the update file of the signature. A file that will help to maintain our completely up-to-date anti-virus us and preparation to protect our computer of the last threats.

Any equipment is set out to the danger if it does not count on a good anti-virus. However, if we did not update these anti-virus correctly, don't mention it will serve the protection, because they always arise new virus that can put in check to our operating system. By general norm, all the anti-virus tells on automatic updates, however, it is not rare that some of these can fail. Thus, in these cases, he is recommendable to realise an update manual. It is exactly there where this file of update enters game.

Account with a quite simple installation. We must unload the compressed file and only decompress it in our writing-desk. As easy as to execute exe and to leave him it only works. Thus, after finding us with a message similar to €œits file with virus companies it has been updated€ we could be sure that the update has been executed correctly and successfully. Our Avira product will count then on the last update as far as data base of virus talks about.

It is possible to emphasize that all the products of Avira cannot take advantage this file of update. Thus, Avira Fusebundle Generator supports the following formats: Avira Personal, Premium Antivir and Premium Security Suite (from version 9), Avira Antivir ISA Server (from version 3), Avira Antivir SharePoint (from version 3), Avira Antivir Professional Windows (from version 9) and Avira Antivir Server for Windows (from version 9).


  • - Update for products of Avira
    - Fast and simple installation
    - Constant periodic updates
The Contras

  • - We must unload and install the update we ourself
Avira Fusebundle Generator