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Gratuitous and complete scanner of Avira

Avira PC Cleaner is an excellent tool of protection guaranteed by the Avira developer. One is a gratuitous tool and that does not require installation. It is a small, slight program and that works under demand, reason why we will not have to maintain it in background as a normal anti-virus. This causes that it needs very few resources memory to work, allowing us to work without trouble while it realises I scan pertinent.

We can say that one is one second option as far as the health of our operating system. Dangers exist that are not detected by the anti-virus, thus, Avira PC Cleaner arises as an extra revision that we will be able to use when we observe that our computer has a strange behavior, with a simple click and without needing installing an extra program that decreases the resources of our equipment.

In principle, the program will pay attention to certain folders susceptible to contain threats. However, we can apply the option of Full Scan that will allow us to analyze all the computer, in an exhaustive analysis.

I scan is not absolutely slow, although the certain thing is that its time is taken, being this major if our disc is greater and if our processor is slower.

After finalizing the analysis, the program shows a screen to us warning to us of the threats that has found. In case Avira PC Cleaner finds some threat, the possibility will be offered to securing more information to us on the same, something quite interesting to be able to be conscious of the threat that supposes for our system.

To the being an precise tool, the certain thing is that it does not count on great options search nor extra functionalities; and it is that already of in case, Avira PC Cleaner is due to value as a complementary one that we will be able to use once in a while to observe the real state of our computer.


  • - It does not need installation
    - Analysis to demand
    - Compatible with anti-virus
The Contras

  • - It is not a protection in real time
    - Slow in the analysis