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Bitdefender limited liability company.
The strong, safe and quiet solution

Bitdefender Free Anti-virus is a anti-virus developed by the company Bitdefender limited liability company that consumes few resources in the computer and protects against malware, spyware and worms. It is a anti-virus of fast I scan that it does not need configuration and it is very easy to use, directed especially for people who do not have experience in equipment or in homes, companies or corporations.

The interface of Bitdefender is simple and modern, you at first have the examined archives, the car scanner, group of forty and more. The group of forty eyelash shows the archives to you that software considers malignant positions in group of forty so that your computer does not undergo attacks on the part of these virus.

Bitdefender Free Anti-virus has the perfect solution for your games of games with the Way Game, which lowers the yield of the program so that it does not interrupt your activities and games.

It is a anti-virus that it protects in real time at good level, provides proactive protection before the hostile archives and consumes low resources. This version of Bitdefender already is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The best anti-virus for all those inexpert ones, provides solution anti-malware, fast protection, optimizes and improves the yield of your computer.

Bitdefender Free Anti-virus has been designed so that you can enjoy your equipment to the maximum, without complications and mainly without having to worry about the virus and about the configurations of software. Another one of the functions of Bitdefender is that the interfaces can customized or be designed by the users and, in addition to that, offers by email electronic a fast technical support you.

The versions Pro of Bitdefender also offer solutions and corporative protection for your companies, also include Burglar alarms, Protection of social networks, Antispam, fire-guards and more.

No longer you will have to worry more about the threats in your PC or laptop to you, because Bitdefender is a very effective anti-virus and without complications that will maintain your protected apparatuses always.


  • - Interface nice and easy to use
    - Fast scanner
    - It does not need configuration
The Contras

  • - She could bore to users of high level
    - She does not have options outposts
    - She can inconvenience to users who are not familiarized with the English
Bitdefender Free Anti-virus