BitDefender Anti-virus Extra 2015
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Better protection, better impact in the yield

BitDefender Anti-virus Extra is a powerful tool that will maintain our full field equipment safe from threats, in addition to optimizing it so that it works with greater effectiveness; and it is that BitDefender Anti-virus Extra is of most complete, hoarding a countless number of prizes during all editions. Although one is a payment anti-virus, is worth the trouble to stop itself to prove this powerful tool of security in his trial version of 30 days. Surely we will be enchanted.

What has BitDefender Anti-virus Extra that does so special? Then the certain thing is that in addition to counting on very interesting extra tools, which more emphasizes of this anti-virus is its capacity to protect without as soon as we notice it; and it is that he is frankly quiet, without bothering nor interfering in the daily yield of our system, something that very few can say.

In order to begin, this anti-virus already gives the option you of being able to choose different profiles from protection (Standard, Work, Game and Film) so that you can adapt his tools to your more frequent use.

The analysis is fast, being able to even choose between a more superficial, exhaustive analysis of the system and some extra way as the way restoration.

It includes interesting tools as the protection Web, being able to qualify or to deshabilitar each of his functions to our ill. Thus, we will be able to enjoy the bar of navigation tools, or the extra protection against fraud or even the protection against phishing. Also, it incorporates a white list in which we will be able to include pages of total confidence which assiduously we enter.

Thanks to the option of vulnerability analysis, we will be able to observe, between many other things, which of our passwords are uncertain to be able to change them.

Also, it counts on as interesting options as the one of destruction of archives, thus being able to destroy folders and infected elements of our system without leaving the smaller sign.

In order to finalize, it is necessary to speak of one of its more attractive options, Wallet. One is an authentic virtual wallet that will keep, with total security, all our personal and banking information in based surroundings and surely. This is completed with Safepay, a navigator surely designed to protect our banking information and all those important data that they do not have to be within reach of third people.


  • - Fast and quiet anti-virus
    - Extra protection of banking data and private information
    - Tools of optimization of the system
    - Creation of different profiles for a specific use
The Contras

  • - Interface with more tools and more complicated
    - Of payment
BitDefender Anti-virus Extra 2015