Bullguard Interet Security
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BullGuard Internet Security protects to you when you connect yourself to Internet

BullGuard Interet Security is a tool that combines a anti-virus with fire-guards, which without a doubt provides an extra security to us.

The program is of payment, but we can enjoy a version of gratuitous test of 60 days, which is not nothing bad to be able to see how it works in the day to day. In addition, it is completely in Spanish, something that definitively enchants to us.

Bullguard Internet Security, in this version of 2014, presents an attractive interface. Now, the main screen is divided in a panel of modules. Each module counts on a concrete option, reason why to analyze, to realise backup copies, to activate the fire-guards and others, will be to only a click.

Positive points of this program are his varied security options; and it is that not only it remains in a anti-virus or fire-guards, also we can watch our e-mails close by; and it is that BullGuard Internet Security will be in charge to review the post office to be able to find dangerous archives. In addition, also it pays attention to applications P2P and the instantaneous mail.

BullGuard allows in addition to a backup copy completely gratuitous outpost and to 5 GB to be able to maintain all our personal data and archives such as photos, music, etc.

Also, we see of the most useful finder of vulnerability. This tool is in charge to realise a meticulous search to find out of phase software why it is important to find it? Then because this type of old fashioned applications can be a perfectly usable front door by hackers to enter your computer, to damage it or to even rob personal information to you.

The updates do not become of automatic form, although there is a button in the Control Panel that will allow us to discover at any moment if there is or new nonupdates.

Also, it is possible to emphasize that although it does not count on a way game, the certain thing is that the operating system is not seen absolutely slowed down when this program is used, reason why we can be calm in this aspect.


  • - Anti-virus and fire-guards in one
    - Parental control
    - Finder of old fashioned software
The Contras

  • - Of payment
    - Automatic nonupdate
Bullguard Interet Security