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Anti-virus simple, gratuitous and completely effective

ClamWind Free Anti-virus is a tool of completely gratuitous security. Its purpose is the one to scan our operating system in search of active threats, to identify them and later to eliminate all those virus that are doing the impossible life to us.

If we analyzed a little the program we were with something quite important, it is not a tool of analysis in real time. This, without doubt, will throw for back to more than one, mainly which they are looking for a anti-virus more compact than he is able to protect his computer whenever they are connected. ClamWind is not within this group of anti-virus. Rather, it is a useful tool to be able to analyze certain archives of form manual, those that we think that they can be infected.

It is certain that it admits programmed analyses. But outside those programmings and of the analyses that we send manually, our computer completely will be exhibited to the evils that circulates around the network.

Something positive that many others cannot say is that it counts on an automatic update of his listing of infections. Thus, every time it counts on higher rates of detection. In this case we can say that ClamWin if he is powerful. Also, to be right also it is necessary to say that it consumes very few resources, reason why to realise an analysis while we are working in the computer will not be no problem.

The program is gratuitous, yes, but it is completely in English. Although it is certain that the console that shows to us is not nothing ostentatious and complex, many options exist that we perhaps do not manage to understand absolutely well if we are not familiarized with this language. Also, the configuration tool is not either that it is too clear.


  • - Automatic updates
    - Protection in navigation
    - Protection in archives received through e-mail
    - High rates of detection
The Contras

  • - English
    - There is no analysis in real time
ClamWin Anti-virus