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Comodo Security Solutions
Powerful anti-virus with lifted rate of detection

Comodo Anti-virus has become a powerful software of protection against virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other types of malware. It owns a high rate of detection compared with the one of another anti-virus that is of payment.

Comodo is a totally gratuitous anti-virus of personal use, very complete with the options that offer, easy to use and that it consumes few resources.

The interface of Comodo Anti-virus is intuitive and shows all at sight information. In the main panel you will be able to find analysis functions, update, virtual writing-desk, the system of group of forty to isolate the suspicious archives and technical support.

Comodo can scan any disc easily or file, offers detailed information to you on the activity of the virus and the detection of archives that can be suspicious.

This shareware account with Firewall so that you protect your equipment against hackers, protection in real time, way game, analysis based on the cloud, which scans folders or archives in a customized analysis, automatic updates, etc.

In the interface of Comodo Anti-virus you can you drag the archives on the main panel so that they are analyzed and it is possible to be detected if threats in them exist.

Comodo has a disadvantage and is that the software isolates all the archives that considers suspects contain or nonthreats. Comodo Anti-virus is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software in addition to free also is available in Spanish.

Comodo Anti-virus realises automatic updates for the protection against the virus recent. It also offers the function to you of customized protection so that you can program the analyses of virus in a certain schedule and I scan of spywares to detect and clean the infections of malware in the registry of your computer.


  • - Complete functions
    - Friendly interface
    - Lifted rate of detection
The Contras

  • - Slow analysis
    - Isolation of all the archives thus is not malicious
Comodo Anti-virus