DieHard Trojan Cleaner
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Proland Software
It detects and it eliminates the W32/Diehard Trojan quickly

DieHard Trojan Cleaner is a very useful tool made by Proland Software. One is a program able to eliminate of our operating system any infection related to W32/Die Hard Trojan or anyone of his variants.

It does not need installation, something quite comfortable. We must unload it and only execute it. Its simple interface will guide to us during the process of I scan, that as already we advanced, is of simplest.

The screen that only is account to us with two options, I scan and a button to be able to accede to other unloadings of Proland Software, the aspect is somewhat old fashioned, but the important thing is that it acts its as, and in that Diehard Trojan Cleaner responds. If we beat in the option to scan, an exhaustive search in all our archives will begin. If it finds some infected file, the own program will be in charge to adjust it completely, thus ending any sign.

It is possible to emphasize that this tool does not protect in real time. Therefore, the only form to use is sending it manually. If we thought since our computer can be infected with this Trojan, or our anti-virus warns to us of the possible threat, DieHard Trojan Cleaner will be a possible solution for our problems.

Perhaps most attractive of this tool it is his simplicity. We will not need extra knowledge, nor so at least of another language. The search is completely automatic, like the elimination of all those threats that can do the impossible life to us.

During the search we can work with normality with our equipment, something that doubtless is thanked for. We will not notice slowing down any.

The disadvantage, as usually it happens in this type of tools, is that it is limited. It only responds to the archives infected with this Trojan or its variants.


  • - It tracks and it eliminates infections of the W32/Diehard Trojan and its variants
    - It does not require installation
    - Fast and it does not interfere in the operation of our computer
The Contras

  • - Program limited after an only objective
    - It does not detect other infections
DieHard Trojan Cleaner