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Simple anti-virus that protects your system against spyware

Digitalis To defend is a gratuitous anti-virus that it analyzes your computer in search of infected archives that can harm the operation of your system. Also, it offers functions to you of automatic updates, I scan much more in real time and.

It is an agile and fast anti-virus in the detection of malignant archives, finding threats that another standard anti-virus can not detect. Digitalis To defend is a software that does not consume many resources and that are developed to run in equipment with obsolete operating systems. It is of easy use and with design of manageable and intuitive interface.

This anti-virus offers in its main panel the scanner, like another anti-virus. In the interface of I scan we can emphasize three functions: I scan fast, I scan complete and I scan customized.

The gratuitous Digitalis version To defend has a disadvantage and is that to be able to use the configuration panel it is needed to unload the version Pro of the same.

The Digitalis analysis To defend not for slow the operating system since it works in background, consuming little memory and little CPU. This anti-virus is ideal for people who are not familiarized with the anti-virus generally.

Another one of strength of this anti-virus is that it is possible to be modified so that is executed in €œquiet€ way, so that they do not appear alert of found threats. This functionality is very interesting for the oldest equipment, or the portable equipment, that have less memory and slower processors.


  • - Quick analysis
    - Fast updates
    - Fast detection
The Contras

  • - She does not have programmed analysis
    - Functions of configuration available only in payment version
Digitalis To defend