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NictaTech Software
It detects Trojans and spyware with a simple and fast program

Patrol digitalis is the tool of most interesting, very simple to use and with some results than more satisfactory. It has a concrete use, to detect Trojans and other spywares leaving completely clean our operating system.

As we know, there are many types of spywares. Thus, we even found degrees following its danger, arriving to collect financial data of the equipment to which they infect. Thus, he is essential to finish with them before they can suppose the very many evil worse

The interface of this anti-Trojan is reasonable; and it is that it does not count on too many options. Patrol digitalis knows what wants, to find threats, thus, with only one console and several bellboys (start, slows down, stop, help and exit) cause that we feel at any time comfortable scanning those archives that worry or all our operating system to us.

Patrol digitalis is able to scan our hard disk, the memory, the registries, the units of network and everything what it is put to him ahead. Also, it allows us to choose that we want to do with the found archives, to disinfect them, to eliminate them or to put them under group of forty.

The program is updated of automatic form through Internet. Of this form, Patrol Digitalis is always adding to new Trojans and threats several to be able to identify them as rapidly as possible.

It does not consume many resources, reason why we can have it in march while we are working. In addition, we can say that it does not enter conflict with other programs.

Unfortunately he is not gratuitous, but we counted on a period of test than more sufficient to be able to value his effectiveness and to decide if to acquire it or no.


  • - Interface very simple and easy to use
    - It does not consume many resources
    - Automatic updates
The Contras

  • - Version of test