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Doctor Web
Simple, effective anti-virus and always updated

Dr Web Anti Virus is an interesting option at the time of looking for a anti-virus for our computer. We like by their simplicity and its effectiveness. One is a product that nonfull of tools your console, but that serves as anti virus, Spam and even as firewall.

Considered as a anti-virus of last generation, some of the main advantages of this anti-virus are their interface, very simple at the time of using, and that is in Castilian. In addition, it receives updates hourly. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that we are before a little heavy anti-virus that will not slow down our work.

The installation of the anti-virus is very simple. It draws attention to us that already from the installation we can select some options. For example, it gives the option us, before coming to the installation, of if we want to activate or not the fire-guards, something completely optional. Also, also we will have the option to connect to us or not to the cloud, with the purpose of having a greater rapidity at the time of protecting our computer of new infections.

Once we installed the program, we were with an interface with three options, all of them very clear. First it is a quick analysis, to be able to detect in a few minutes some important infection in our computer.

The second option is a complete and exhaustive analysis of the system, with the purpose of intercepting the most complex and hidden threats in our equipment.

Finally, we have a last option in which we can form the analysis as we want, doing it more or less complete, following our needs.

The best thing of everything is than Dr Web anti virus is a program with a data base of more than 26,000 virus, something quite interesting, that assures a trustworthy detection to us almost all the virus and its variants.

Perhaps the worse thing is indeed their simplicity. And it is that, although it acts without problems his as, miss some extra options of security.

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Dr.Web Anti-virus