ESET Sireref EV Cleaner 1.0
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Sireref/zeroaccess easily eliminates the virus and all variants

Eset Sireref EV Cleaner is born as a really useful tool to end the Sirefef Trojan. This virus usually propagates by the unloadings of cracks, which also install certain rogues. Also ZeroAccess or Max++ is known as and counts on some variants as Win32/sirefef.

The Trojan in himself has different types from threats, each with a certain function. Thus, we found versions that can unblock firewalls, other that unload malicious archives and others for example that hide these archives by all the system. Some annoying variants are able to redirect the traffic Web or to generate more MGP ups of the account.

The certain thing is that this Trojan can cause to us more of a worry reason why agrees to disinfect the sooner our computer then in addition to using our resources for illegal things, could also occur the case that it was possible even to be gotten to erase important archives in our system.

For this type of threats, that often are not detectable with a anti-virus, Eset Sireref EV Cleaner is born, a completely gratuitous vaccine that will eliminate the virus and all variants.

One is a portable vaccine, something interesting, because it allows us to record it in any external device to apply it in other computers.

The execution is automatic, reason why we will not have to install any program. We extract the file and only we beat on its icon. Once we do it will begin a complete analysis of our system in search of any sign of this potentially dangerous threat for our computer.

As we commented, this virus can even deactivate services of Windows. With Eset Sireref EV Cleaner we will manage to recover them automatically. After the cleaning it agrees to reinitiate the system.

  • Portable It ends the Sireref virus and all variants Fast and effective It recovers damaged archives and configurations nonauthorized
The Contras
  • Limited use, does not suppose a total defense of our system
ESET Sireref EV Cleaner 1.0