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Eset technology online to protect your operating system

Eset Online Scanner is the gratuitous tool of analysis of Eset, the anti-virus developer as powerful as NOD32.

The advantages of this tool are many, beginning by the great amount of threats that can detect; and he is that Eset Online Scanner will be updated in each analysis, thus incorporating new companies of virus to detect.

This Scanner finds many different types of virus, as well as worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other threats of Internet, as much known as not known. Also, it is necessary to emphasize that the analysis is exhaustive, because the certain thing is that he is able to scan archives that are compressed in our operating system with the only aim to find everything malware hidden on which we count.

Its interface is simple. When executing the file will begin to update itself and after it a quick analysis and exhaustive will begin that will consume very little memory, reason why in addition to being able to work with normality we will not notice slowing down in our equipment.

When the program finds some malicious or potentially dangerous file, it files it or it eliminates it. Thus, if a suspicious file is placed in the group of forty folder, later we will be able to recover it if it is necessary.

It is certain that it is in English, but as it does not tell on great options search we will not need a great domain the language to form it. That yes, the program is able to realise I scan precise. If we selected to the specific archives or folders, it will be able to realise a fast exploration of the suspicious objects that we indicate to him.

It does not count on protection in real time, because one is an analysis under demand. Even so, we found an advantage in it, because it does not enter conflict with another anti-virus and we can use it as a complement wonderful to be able to analyze our computer at any time.


  • - Quick analysis and effective
    - Update before each I scan
    - It does not consume memory
    - It gives autonomy at the same time to continue working with our computer
The Contras

  • - There is no protection in real time
    - She is in English
Eset Online Scanner