G Dates Anti-virus 2014
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G DATES Software
Powerful anti-virus with two motors of detection

G Data Anti-virus 2014 is a powerful German anti-virus that protects your computer of malignant attacks. It owns two motors of detection, those of Avast and the motors of Bitdefender that allow that the rate of detection is greater and more effective.

This anti-virus of test has a simple and light interface, with showy colors that make of their use a nice experience. G Data Anti-virus 2014 offers to your equipment protection him in real time, analyzes the electronic mail and offers protection Web for a safer navigation. In addition to that, it has a fast detection of malware and other lodged malignant archives in your computer.

This program has a module of €œI scan in rest€, which begins automatically when your computer is inactive, also has a module of €œprotection anti-Spam€ where you can see in €œprotocol Spam€ all the post office that G Data has considered as Spam, in the option €œprotocol without Spam€ you will be able to find the post office that the anti-virus has not described as such and in the options of €œwhite list€ and €œblack list€ you can exclude or include senders who presumably can be or nonSpam.

In the interface of protection of anti-virus you will be able to realise an analysis of your PC in all the local hard disks, to verify the memory and the self-starting one of your computer, to analyze the directories and archives, to analyze interchangeable supports and to verify the existence of rootkits.

G Data Anti-virus also allows you to form the infantile protection and the administrator of self-starting where you can administer the programs that start automatically at the beginning the computer.

This anti-virus when having two motors of detection can do slower and heavy I scan and in this way your equipment, but, if you wish it, you can deactivate one of them in the options of configuration of the anti-virus.


  • - Fast installation
    - Effective detector
    - Protective anti
    - complete Spam
The Contras

  • - Slow analysis to use two motors
G Dates Anti-virus 2014