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37,13 Megabyte
G DATES Software
It protects your computer without initiating Windows

G Boot Data is a rescue disc that comes guaranteed by well-known anti-virus G Data. It serves to analyze our system without needing taking Windows. Thus, if we have some virus in our computer, this CD will be able to find it without giving time him to that it begins.

The file comes in an image ISO that we will be able to record in a CD-R Or RW, through which we will be able to take the program once we ignite the computer. Also, it is quite interesting because we can choose several modalities of analysis, from analyzing all the folder or disk drives certain or archives.

The program counts on a quite intuitive interface, without many options and readily accessible. In the action eyelash we can realise verification of virus, choosing verification of the complete computer, verification of archives and folders or verification of system areas. Also, in this eyelash also we found an update option online, so that our most recent program is updated and can detect therefore the virus.

Also, we counted on a registry section, in which we will be able to observe all the historical one of the use which we do of this software.

Without a doubt, one of the disadvantages of this anti-virus is that our work will be paralyzed when we are executing it. However, it is necessary to indicate that the analysis is not absolutely slow, reason why after reviewing our computer completely we will be able to return to work with normality.

As interesting point is necessary to emphasize that G Boot Data CD counts on some of the advantages of the G Data, as for example both motor of detection, something that will make the most precise search. Also, although it does not concern the version of Windows, the certain thing is that with Vista and Windows 7 we will need permissions reading and disc writing. For it we will have to go to properties of the disc and to activate them manually, retiring later these permissions to be able to maintain the safe equipment.


  • - Two motors of detection
    - Interface intuitive and easy to use
    - Update through the G company Data
The Contras

  • - She needs permissions for Windows Vista and Windows 7
    - Update manual
G Dates Boot CD 2012