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One second opinion for your infections

By much protection that we think that we are giving our operating system, the certain thing is that there are investigations that demonstrate that the majority of the domestic computers is not protected to the 100%; and it is that to trust a single supplier not always he is recommendable why? Then because as everything in this life, always he is better to resist opinions. Thus Pro arises Hitman, a really interesting tool that puts in the market directly with this slogan €œto be ours second option€.

Hitman-Pro is a powerful, fast and quite exhaustive scanner. It is designed to work without no kind of problem with the anti-virus present. Also, we will not notice slowing down of our system absolutely while it is in march. Without a doubt something to consider very.

Another interesting aspect is that it is not necessary to install it. We can record it in an USB unit, a CD or a hard disk and from putting it there to work.

The program will scan all our operating system in search of virus or malwares. If it finds some suspicious file will not doubt in putting it in group of forty. On the other hand, if one is a unknown file, Hitman Pro se puts to work to be able to all the information available of the same in the cloud and power to catalogue it as malicious insurance or.

It does not count on great options. The certain thing is that we will only be able to scan, but considering the effectiveness of its scanner, is than sufficient more.

It has an interface of simplest, although it is in English will not cost to us to understand what we must do at every moment.

It is possible to emphasize that one is not a gratuitous program. However, we counted on a period of test than more sufficient to be able to familiarize to us with the program and to value if we want to acquire it or no.


  • - Effective and fast scanner
    - Compatible with another anti-virus
    - Simple interface
    - Portable
The Contras

  • - In English
    - Testing program