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Fast anti-virus with protection in line

Immunt Protect is a really interesting anti-virus that emphasizes for being lighter than others, since we are before an authentic anti-virus located in the cloud. This program takes advantage of the connections to Internet to be able to take the data from your operating system and to directly compare them with the registries that they have of other users. Thus, we are before a tool of instantaneous detection that is nourished of information in direct, something quite positive considering the rapidity with which arises the threats nowadays.

It is certain that we did not find a great full anti-virus of tools extra, because Immute only concentrates in analyzing our computer in search of threats. Even so, it is necessary to recognize that its function fulfills it frankly well.

A point to its favor, in addition to the lightness and other outstanding attributes, is that it counts on an interface of simplest. Thus, although he is in English, the certain thing is that it is not an impediment to be able to move to us with ease; and it is that the three main functions (I scan, summary and file) are very well located.

Subject of connection to Internet is weapon of double edge for this anti-virus, since on the one hand the fact of knowledge that we will not need updates, being therefore a quite fast anti-virus is positive that does not consume much. However, if we are not connected to Internet we will not be able to work with this program, because he is something completely necessary.

Another one of the disadvantages that can do less attractive to this anti-virus is that the same lacks than we know as group of forty. Therefore it does not allow to observe during a time the behavior of certain suspicious archives. However, he is compatible with another anti-virus, reason why we can use them together.


  • - Really slight program
    - Compatible with another anti-virus
    - It does not saturate the system
    - Simple interface
The Contras

  • - Necesit connection to Internet
    - It lacks group of forty
Immunet Free Anti-virus