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From time to time the most powerful developers of the market give certain gratuitous tools to us to complete the security of our computers. He would be absurd to think that with them we can have protégé completely our operating system, however, the certain thing is that usually they are a quite interesting reflection to be able to observe the power of his products of payment. Thus, the great Kaspersky brings Kaspersky to us Virus Removal Tool, programilla very useful that will come to us really well to complete our tools of security.

A positive aspect of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is that it is a program slight and easy to use. This anti-virus offers I scan fast and effective to be able to end all those threats that hide in our operating system arranged to attack and to seed the chaos.

The interesting thing is that it can eliminate a great number of virus and malwares with a single past one; and it is that it counts on an advanced motor of detection, the Antiviral motor of AVZ Toolkit.

It follows without being sufficient to replace a conventional anti-virus. However, we can include it in a mixture of vaccine and light anti-virus. A program that is not updated, simply is freed new versions once in a while and that, on the other hand, it does not protect to us in real time, because the escaneos are always under demand.

We can install this anti-virus in the computers previously infected and to use it in safe way. This tool will be able to accurately scan all our hard disk in search of those infections that are making us the impossible life.

With respect to its speed, although the scanner takes its time, is necessary to be right and to say that we absolutely did not find out that it is in march, because the speed of our computer will not be seen absolutely affected.


  • - Ideal tool to complete the security of a conventional anti-virus
    - Developed with the Antiviral motor of AVZ Toolkit
    - Simple to use
The Contras

  • - She does not update herself
Kapersky Virus Removal Tool