Kaspersky for Anti-virus Workstation Windows
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Kaspersky always has been a safe bet in this of the protection of our computers. This product is around other great products of security. The certain thing is that it counts on many points to become our next essential program.

Kaspersky for Anti-virus Workstation Windows is a payment program. However, we counted on a version of test that will allow us to evaluate it during a prudential time before deciding to buy it or no.

In the installation we found several options already to form it, something that this usually is not the normal thing, since these aspects of configuration usually are offered once installed the program. To our opinion it is a success, because or from the beginning you will be choosing, and easily simple, if you want automatic updates, every 2 hours or manuals, or if you want to program an analysis when initiating your computer, daily analyses of the zones critics or complete analyses every day.

Once installed the program, we were with an interface of most interesting. In order to begin, it is in Spanish, something that always is thanked for.

Account with a menu in the left side that indicates Protection, Analysis and Services to us. The last one, the one of Services, serve, among others, for the updates.

As far as both first, the one of Analysis will be the one in charge to realise the complete analyses of our system. When we enter, we will be able to mark and to unmark the parts of our equipment that we want to analyze.

Concerning the section of Protection, this one has a countless number of the most useful tools of protecting our equipment. Among others, we counted on a anti-virus of archives, that is to say, an option that will meticulously analyze all our CD's and external discs of memory. Also we have a mail anti-virus, for emails, and a anti-virus of Internet, able to avoid the penetration of virus with protocol HTTP.

On the other hand we have the option of anti spy, to avoid the robbery of data; anti hacker, to avoid that they enter our computer without our consent; and anti Spam, to avoid those so annoying programs.

It is necessary to emphasize that one of strength of this signature is the unknown detection of virus. However, this does not have to clear merit to its great data base of virus.

  • Numerous tools of protection in the same Castilian program In Powerful base of virus Detection of virus unknown automatic Updates
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Kaspersky for Anti-virus Workstation Windows