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Reliable and effective against the threats

Kaspersky Anti-virus is a software of protection developed by the Kaspersky Lab company with the intention to protect your equipment and mobiles of malignant attacks. This sofware realises an excellent protection and avoids that virus, Trojans and all type of malicious programs enter your computer. Also, it protects your registry and all your system against potentially dangerous programs as the spywares.

The new design of Kaspersky more modern is compared to its previous version. In the main panel we found as first function the one of analysis. When entering this interface we observed in the left lateral bar the types of analysis that offers software to you; complete analysis, quick analysis, customized analysis, analysis of extraíbles units and finally the administered ones of tasks.

Kaspersky also offers the function to update the data base of anti-virus of your equipment, which is in charge to verify if they exist of new versions and to unload them to your equipment in background. These updates can also be applied if it is desired manually. Another one of the functions of Kaspersky is that software allows to administer your devices effectively you protecting them against threats.

Kaspersky also allows to create backup copies and to recover lost archives of the system.

In the panel of codings of data you can store a limited amount of archives protected with password. On the other hand, in the main panel we have the function of parental control.

In the tools outposts of software we will find several important functions, such as the group of forty, the virtual keyboard and the analysis of vulnerability. In addition, Kaspersky allows you to realise configurations in the navigator, it contributes protection to you in the cloud and it destroys the archives that no longer you wish to maintain in your computer.


  • - Configurable
    - Fast and manageable interface
    - Function of coding of data
The Contras

  • - Slow analysis
    - Slow basic update of data.
Kaspersky Anti-virus