Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10
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It quickly recovers the system in any computer

Kasperky Rescue Disk is a tool of most interesting. It is not a anti-virus proper, but he is able to recover a system when one of those malware is strained completely in our computer taking control of the control.

This disc in emergency will analyze our system and will clean any damage, obtaining that we take Windows without problems.

In order to understand the potential of Kaspersky Rescue Disk, we must understand in what circumstances we are going to be able to use it. Mainly they are two: when the virus in question prevents that we can take the operating system with normality; or when the operating system can start, but it counts on a so great damage that we cannot do absolutely nothing, nor to initiate a anti-virus that fixes the situation.

How act does Kaspersky Rescue Disk? Very simple, starting just before Windows begins. Thus it stops the root problem and it begins to unfold his arms without the infection can prevent it.

It is possible to emphasize that Rescue Disk can be recorded in a CD or in an external memory, as an USB. The advantage of USB is that we can use them in small computers that do not have CD/DVD readers.

When we introduce USB or we mount image ISO and we start up our computer, we will be able to explore certain archives or all the computer. Also it counts on a capturador of screen and a navigating Web, among others recovery tools.

Good Things? In addition to the evident thing, this program nourishes of the motor of Kaspersky Anti-virus to scan our system. Without a doubt, a quite important guarantee, considering the great name and the fame of this developer.

Also, also we counted on an option to save documents or archives that are in danger within our PC, those archives that cannot be opened.

  • It includes explorer of archives and navigator We can keep archives damaged with important information We recovered any type of computer Kaspersky Web search engine
The Contras
  • It is not possible to be used with Windows in operation
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10