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The anti-virus against spywares

MacAfee Anti-virus Extra is a software developed by the McAfee company to protect your computer of threats as malwares. This software also protects against virus and spywares to you that threaten attacking your system.

The design of interface of this anti-virus is modern and friendly for the user; in the main panel we will find the state in which is your computer and next, you will be able to observe the basic functions of software: protection antispyware, anti-virus in real time, protection of e-mail and the Web, updates and finally the subscription to the product.

In the navigation options you will be able to observe other functions that come with the anti-virus. McAfee offers the analysis to you of your PC, which executes a quick analysis, complete or customized, to detect and to eliminate the threats in your computer, the Firewall, that protects your networks of hackers that can rob your personal data and an analyzer of vulnerability that finds and installs the last updates of software for Windows.

The QuickClean function helps to optimize the yield of your computer when erasing archives that consider unnecessary. The Desfragmentador helps to optimize the equipment and takes advantage of to the maximum the space storage available in the hard disk.

McAfee is a good option if you wish a protection in real time since it protects your computer continuously in front attacks of virus, spywares, malwares and other threats. This anti-virus of high impact also allows to solve and to repair problems you in your equipment.

This anti-virus has a function of planned analysis automatically to verify the existence of malignant programs in your computer and, in addition, also it allows you to modify and to review elements put in group of forty during I scan.

McAfee has a section of resources where you can find help and technical support whenever you need it and a map of threats detailed. This innovating software has a great advantage as far as its use, is manageable and very configurable doing it more comfortable for the user.


  • - Effective detection of threats
    - Protection in real time
    - It releases space in the disc
The Contras

  • - He is not compatible with another anti-virus
    - Slow analysis sometimes
McAfee Anti-virus Extra