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Effective vaccine against virus and Trojans

McAffe Stinger is one of those customary so useful gratuitous tools to which great developer has east to us. And it is that, from McAfee, they are conscious that neither the powerful anti-virus the more of the world can have to your completely armored computer against the virus threats. Thus, he is better to be in possession of a anti-virus of a good signature and some tools as these, effective facing certain virus. In this sense, McAfee Stinger is a utility in charge to detect and to eliminate a series of virus and specific variants.

This last one causes that the program in himself is not an option of complete security. Our equipment could be a little exposed if we only used this tool or other similars to this. On the contrary, it can be very useful if we thought that our PC is infected at those moments with a specific virus.

The installation is very simple, without many complications, and also she is fast. Also, whereas the program scans our computer in search of threats, the certain thing is that we nor will find out, being able to work normally without problems. One is an ideal program to use when we thought that our PC could have been infected by some of these archives.

What virus and worms detect this version of McAffe? McAfee Stinger detects the following: BackDoor-AQJ, Bat/Mumu.worm, Exploit-DcomRpc, IPCScan, IRC/Flood.ap, IRC/, IRC/, NTService-Loader, PWS-Sincom, W32/[email protected], W32/Deborm.worm.gen, W32/Elkern.cav, W32/[email protected], W32/FunLove, W32/Klez, W32/Lirva, W32/Lovgate, W32/Lovsan.worm, W32/[email protected], W32/MoFei.worm, W32/Mumu.b.worm, W32/Nimda, W32/Sdbot.worm.gen, W32/[email protected], W32/Sobig, W32/SQLSlammer.worm, W32/[email protected], W32/Nachi.worm, W32/Lovsan.worm.d

  • Effective to detect certain Trojans and their variants in line Update In Gratuitous Spanish
The Contras
  • Limited program does not work as a anti-virus
McAfee Stinger