Microsoft Security Essentials Beta
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A anti-virus with the signature of Microsfot

This tool comes signed by Microsoft, something that a priori gives confidence. We were then with an interesting and completely gratuitous beta, although a little more unstable than the final version.

This anti-virus tells on a simple interface that it will not cost much to handle.
Account with a powerful web search engine that will cause that our computer is completely protégé before possible threats. In addition, it is possible to emphasize that it is a compatible program as much with XP, Vista, Windows 7 as Windows 8.

One is an ambitious but subtle software. Modest as far as presence, because the certain thing is that we will not occur to account nor of that is. Thus, we will be able to work with total normality without the yield neither the memory of our computer is affected nor minimum.

It is possible to also emphasize that it counts on an automatic protection. This implies that the program, at certain moments, will have autonomy sufficient to decide by us and to avoid so malware extends how? Eliminating it. Perhaps that takes decisions by us do not like too much to everybody, but the certain thing is that at certain moments this type of action thanks for himself, mainly when save our operating system of future infections.

As it could not be of another form, we found different types from I scan, such as superficial, complete and concrete on some certain file. This will help very many at the time of maintaining our clean equipment us.

Also, also, it is necessary to emphasize that the protection in real time we will be able to activate it or to deactivate it to our ill, without this is forced for anybody.

Microsoft Security Essentials counts on an eyelash of updates, another one of file in which we will be able to see an historical one of our threats and one of options finally, in which we will be able to personalize our searches and escaneos.


  • - Gratuitous
    - It does not consume many resources
    - Analysis of different levels
    - Updates
The Contras

  • - Beta version
Microsoft Security Essentials Beta