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The anti-virus free of Microsoft

Microsoft Security Essentials is a anti-virus described for old versions of the operating system Microsoft. From the Windows 8 version it is known him as Windows Defender. This anti-virus protects your equipment against all type of threats. It was created for inexpert users who wish to maintain their always safe equipment.

This software of protection integrated in the operating system of Windows does not include functions outposts but it has a minimum rate of consumption of resources and works fast, offering to protection in real time against Trojans and rootkits.

One of the minimum requirements to use this software is that your equipment must have installed the operating system Windows 7 or previous versions. This anti-virus unloading directly from the page of the manufacturer and is totally gratuitous for the users of Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials is quite light and is ideal for computers of little yield since it does not need a high consumption of resources and allows simultaneously to carry out several tasks without affecting to the use of the computer.

One of the main advantages of Microsoft Security Essentials is its facility of installation which turns it into ideal for any type of user without concerning its level of computer science knowledge.

This practical anti-virus does not have date limit nor versions of test, reason why once installed the same it is updated free of charge, without having to be changing of version or evaluating the product.

Microsoft Security Essentials detects threats quickly and has a quite simple and simple interface. In the main panel we will be able to observe the state of protection of our PC and the types of I scan available to execute in your equipment. In the other eyelashes of the anti-virus we will see a basic summary of its data base.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a very simple anti-virus but that it guarantees protection for your system Windows and that it does not require to form nothing.


  • - Under consumption of resources
    - Very easy to use
    - Ideal for inexpert
The Contras

  • - She does not have many options outposts
Microsoft Security Essentials