Neon Security Anti-virus 5
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Total protection for Pc's against virus and cybernetic threats, including spyw

Neon Home Anti-virus is a powerful anti-virus that is positioned as a wonderful tool to end all the threats of our operating system. As another many anti-virus, we can invoke this program of form manual or simply to leave it working basic of automatic and intelligent form, thus we will be able to be protégés of virus, Trojans and other threats as the spyware (adware, pomware, riskware etc.)

Analyzing the anti-virus from the beginning, we were with a simple interface and in Spanish, something that is thanked for. The three initial options are to analyze PC, to update and configuration. The option to update will allow us to update the data base of virus of this software to be with the last protections anti-virus.

The analysis option is really well; and it is that we found a removal of all our units, folders and archives. Thus, we will be able to realise a deep analysis or one much more concrete one on some object that worries to us in particular.

Without a doubt the most attractive part is the part of configuration. We With the protection under demand, question of pleasures will be able to activate the protection in real time or to have left. In addition, we have two options extra, the one to analyze compressed files and the one to disinfect when analyzing, options that will come to us very well in our analyses.

Also, we counted on a section of most useful, the planner; and it is that we will be able to program different analyses during all the week being chosen the day and the hour.

This program does not enter conflict with other programs anti-virus. Not note slowness in our equipment while it is scanning. Nevertheless, from the same Web of the manufacturing Neon Security Anti-virus the installation of other complementary programs is recommended as fire-guards and a filter anti-Spam, something and so this anti-virus does not count, at least in this version.

  • Interface simple In Spanish Option to program analysis free Election between automatic analysis or to demand
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Neon Security Anti-virus 5