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2,94 Megabyte
Most effective against Trojans and scareware

Norton Power Eraser is a compact and effective anti-Trojan that installation does not need, it looks for and it eliminates Trojans and scareware; he is possible to emphasize that he is gratuitous and fast at the time of realising the analysis.

This software is simple, his main panel is nice and he shows the three main options to you of this: The Analysis in search of risks, the Options outposts and To undo previous repair.

The Analysis in search of risks realises a scanner to verify if in your computer is rootkits or another virus, this analysis requires of a resumption of your equipment so that Norton Power Eraser can do I scan complete in the computer. Once complete I scan, Norton will show a list to you with the archives that considers malignant and only with giving click €œTo repair him€ you will eliminate the virus definitively.

Another one of the functions of Norton Power Eraser we found them in the Options outposts, where we will be able to see different types from analysis as the Analysis of reputation that executes the scanner for specific folders or archives in search of risks; the Analysis of the system, which analyzes of standard way your computer in search of malware in extraíbles memories and hard disk, the multiple Analysis of starting, that examines in your operating system when several operating systems in the computer and the function are executed Applications nonwished, that it executes I scan of risky applications not wished and accessories of the navigator.

Norton Power Eraser also has the restoration option where you can undo the processes realised in the system.

This software does not have complications and has to favor that its examinations in the system is one of deepest, demonstrating to the effectiveness and rapidity that it has. Norton asks to you what to do with the archives that consider suspects before eliminating them completely.


  • - Most effective to eliminate Trojans
    - It does not require installation
    - Changes can be undone
The Contras

  • - Aggressive to the being anti
    - Trojan
    - Sometimes the computer is due to reinitiate
Norton Power Eraser