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Norton Security Scan is a tool of most interesting guaranteed by Symantec. A completely gratuitous option that we can install in our computer and that will be in charge to review in real time the possible threats in our system.

It is not a anti-virus proper, because the certain thing is that this tool will not disinfect our computer. However, it is of most powerful at the time of identifying and indicating the potentially dangerous threats, because it uses the same data base that the payment version, Norton Antivirus.

We must execute it manually, but to his favor it is necessary to say that the program is in background, something that will not prevent for anything our work, because it does not require too many resources. In addition, it does not occupy much space of memory.

Norton Security Scan does not give the option us to analyze specific folders or archives, because he makes a global analysis. Without a doubt it is a deficiency of the tool, even so, continues being very interesting because he works without problems with another anti-virus and other tools of disinfection. Therefore, this program is ideal to increase the security as far as detection talks about, because he is able to detect certain threats that to anti-virus escape to them.

Another interesting point to its favor is that it allows us to program searches, thus, although it is not running in real time, we will be able to analyze our system at certain moments as in the starting or to one hour certain.

Account with a really simple interface. One first screen through which we activated the analysis, showing later a summary of everything what it has been found in our computer, indicating itself the complete route of the affected files. Also, a connection to the webpage of the manufacturer is facilitated to us in whom the threat at issue is spoken to us a little, giving data us about its danger and of how we can eliminate it of the system without generating no type of damage to the same.


  • - Quick analysis of the system
    - It does not consume many resources
    - Compatible with anti-virus
    - Complete information of the threats to know how how to eliminate them
The Contras

  • - She does not only disinfect analyzes
    - She does not analyze specific folders or archives
Norton Security Scan