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Panda Security
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Panda Cloud Cleaner is one of the best options to maintain disinfected your computer of annoying malwares. Practitioner is a program very, he analyzes and he detects virus in minutes and its installation is quick. Most notable of this software it is that it consumes few resources of the system and is very light thanks to the cloud, its data base is updated constantly and its scanner is fast and effective.

The way in which Panda works is very simple; it analyzes the data and archives of the computer, once detected all the possible Panda threats one is in charge to clean them and to raise the data the cloud. This function of Panda is excellent since it allows the program to detect threats that another anti-virus do not find by not to have updated their data base. Another one of the characteristics, and indispensable requirement of Panda Cloud, is that you need to have an active connection to Internet so that the data in the cloud can be verified and be processed.

Panda Cloud, firstly, identifies the potentially malignant and harmful threats soon to process its data in a deeper analysis. It is an ideal software as complement for any other anti-virus that you have installed in your computer since Panda does not have problems of compatibility with other programs. Panda Cloud is one of those programs that cannot lack in your computer because its main task is to maintain out of danger and protected the computer science security of your system.

The design of Panda is nice, simple and direct, ideal for any user. Panda has to favor the rapidity and effectiveness of its software, but it has a point against and it is that to the being a so basic software does not contribute much information on the found threats. Even so, Panda Cloud Cleaner continues being one of the most effective software against malware.


  • - It does not consume many resources
    - Very light and effective
The Contras

  • - She does not offer much information of malware detected
Panda Cloud Cleaner