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Without a doubt we are before one of the anti-virus most complete of the market. More than a anti-virus Panda Global Protection 2015 one appears as a complete package of solutions that will obtain that our computer is remote of infections, completely optimized and in addition we even have an extra security as far as our private files or in the use of the computer on the part of our children.

This great program counts on a Panda Security motor but on more extras than we can get to imagine. Thus, among others functionalities, we emphasized the fire-guards, so necessary in our day to day, backup copies online, options outposts of cleaning or filters antiSpam and content Web.

The analysis could not better be. This program is able to detect a countless number of threats thanks to Collective Intelligence, that is to say, the harvesting of samples of malwares in million computers of users. This considerably increases the rate of detection.

Also, it agrees to emphasize that we counted on different options. An initial option of scanner in depth, another one of customized scanner and another one of the most interesting call scanner of critical areas. This last option is in charge to review the memory of our computer, the processes in active possible execution and the virus, among others.

Account also with a control of applications, that is to say, one lists in which to include all the programs that we want that they have absolute freedom to execute itself in our computer.

Also, also we must emphasize the coding of our data; and it is that this program allows us to base all those photos or documents that comprise of our life and which we do not want that they leave under no concept of our computer.

Also, we will be able to have an only password thanks to the password manager. It is very easy to use, and with only one masterful password we will have access to all the passwords that we used daily.

In addition to the parental control, something really interesting if we had children and adolescents at home, emphasizes other options as the kit of rescue, the vaccine of USB or the virtual keyboard, a very interesting option that tries to avoid to the hackers who try to intercept information deprived through the conventional keyboards.


  • - Web search engine of most powerful
    - High rate of detection
    - Numerous extra tools of security
    - Coding of archives
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Panda Global Protection 2015