Panda Gold Protection 2015
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Maxima security and protection with a service vip for all devices

Panda Gold Protection 2015 is the gold of products of Panda Antivirus. One is a product of the maximum category, a program that reunites to all the advances and benefits of all the programs of security of this developer so known. Therefore, we can be sure that with this version we will have a complete protection for our computer.

What makes so special this version of the Panda anti-virus? In order to begin, they emphasize the components that it has. Many of them the joint party with other versions of less value, as the anti-virus or the kit of rescue, both completely essential. Nevertheless, others are unique and exclusive, as the service vip for users, thanks to whom that we will be advised constantly by experts and, if our computer becomes infected, a worker will connect himself to our equipment to solve it.

In addition to firewall, anti-virus and kit of rescue, this version counts on as interesting tools as the protection wifi for our line, the parental control to avoid that our children can accede to pages with unsuitable content, the most comfortable and useful password manager of, the possibility of encriptar all our archives to be able to assure them before the intrusion of third parties, a safe erasure of the archives that does not leave any sign that hackers can be useful, tools of optimization of our PC so that it works much more fast, and the inclusion in the package of Panda Cloud Drive.

As far as the installation and the interface, as well as the operation of the program, we can say that, to begin, to install this program it is not the fastest task of the world. Even so, it is evident that the good results cause that is worth the trouble.

The interface is quite clear, perhaps although it has too many options. But considering that is the highest range of the anti-virus of bulging, this is normal.

Finally, as far as his yield, there is no complaint. It is possible to work with normality without seeing slowed down the equipment while it is being analyzed.

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Panda Gold Protection 2015