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The best anti-virus against all threat

PC Tools Anti-virus protects your computer against the most powerful threats. This anti-virus is very effective and the analysis of the system is fast and effective. PC Tools is characterized to maintain your protected apparatuses against the malignant attacks of Internet, eliminating hidden programs, blocking hidden virus and spywares, providing a protection of high level thanks to the fact that its data base is updated frequently.

This gratuitous version of PC Tools Anti-virus is completely functional, protects your computer of virus, malwares, spywares and other threats.

The design of this anti-virus is nice at first. We were with a manageable interface where the summary of the protection of our equipment is to us of a look.

This program counts on Intelliguard protection which contributes instantaneous security to your PC. This function is made up of a series of tools that maintain in constant supervision your computer in real time to release it of threats.

The tools within the Intelliguard protection as the Behavior Guard detects archives that are potentially dangerous and, in addition to it, detect processes that alter the behavior of the equipment and cause permanent damages. Others of the functions of PC Tools Anti-virus are the Browser Guard, which provides protection in real time in front of malicious threats and changes in the configurations of our navigator.

This anti-virus, developed by Symantec, the same company that develops Norton Antivirus, is light and his I scan is effective, contributing security to your equipment. Also, it provides protection of the e-mail, archives in your computer, it detects and it blocks the attacks of rootkits and it blocks the entrance to websites that considers dangerous highly. In addition, with PC Tools Anti-virus you have the Possibility of putting in group of forty and of recovering detected elements.

New of PC Tools the Anti-virus it is that virus detects malicious that they lodge in programs €œswindles among others€ that they shoot warnings as €œBecoming rich fast€.


  • - IntelliGuard protection
    - Very configurable anti-virus
    - Design of nice interface
The Contras

  • - Limited resources of help
    - A little slow unloading
PC Tools Anti-virus