PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus
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Spyware Doctor against all type of threats

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus is a software that successful combines a anti-virus and a anti-spy to solve problems of spy software in your computer. This tool of security is designed Search and to eliminate all class of malicious threats spy.

Spyware Doctor counts on a clean interface and simple, where we can observe the state of protection of the computer in the main panel and like PC Tools Anti-virus, it counts on Intelliguard protection with ten shields of in real time blocking threats well-known and strangers who can cause damage to your equipment.

The functions in the configuration panel are the same that we can find in PC Tools Anti-virus: to silence or to notify updates, to activate way game, detection in way energy saving, analysis in background and detection of threats in the registry of masterful starting; in addition to that the analysis configuration allows Search hidden files, group of forty you and more.

The function of Secure Community is an effective tool where you allow to share information with the Research center of malware of PC Tools, this gives access to the center to information so that they can detect the future threats more quickly. This participation with the center is optional, if the user wishes it.

In Spyware Doctor you can program tasks as the next analyses that you wish to realise in your computer, or are fast or complete and also you can program the functions of Intelli-scan.

The version of test of Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus only detects malware without making another type of function as eliminating or disinfecting, but it is a anti-virus and anti-spy very effective and fast that found the most dangerous threats and thus it will avoid that they cause damages in your equipment.


  • - It has ten shields of protection in real time
    - Very configurable anti-virus
    - Option way game
The Contras

  • - A little boring interface
    - Limiting evaluation
PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus