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Protector against attacks of ransomware

PoliFix is a gratuitous program of specific vaccination totally developed by the InfoSpyware company, created specifically with the intention to fight and to eliminate the virus of the police also known as ransomware. Ransomware is hostile archives that restrict the access to some archives of the system which they have been infected.

PoliFix shows everything to you in a simple panel with the analysis options, to ask for help and to desinstalar. PoliFix also gives the advantage you to analyze from your extraíble unit USB.

It analyzes quickly in search of ransomware and it eliminates them. This virus known as ransomware appears with the logo of the police asking money in exchange for taking step to you to the file which you wish to enter and its level propagation is equal to the one of the worms or Trojans; when having PoliFix installed in your computer you avoid these annoying warnings.
PoliFix is compatible with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in its versions 32 bits and 64 bits.

This software not only protects to you against ransomware, but also you can unblock and to repair the functions of Windows that have been modified and warns to you by means of an alert message if the version of Java that you have is obsolete and needs to be updated.

The virus of the Police or ransomware has become one of the virus most remarkable in the computers at present, sometimes managing to be a true annoyance for the people who use PC or laptop; for that PoliFix exists, which solves that problem quickly and avoids futures attacks on the part of the virus.

In order to use PoliFix you only need to unload software and to copy it to pendrive in another PC, on approval initiates your PC infected by the virus of the Police in the way of failures, you connect pendrive to your PC, soon you initiate and you execute the PoliFix until the disinfection finishes.


  • - Quick analysis
    - It fights the virus indeed
    - Fast installation
The Contras

  • - Sometimes the computer is reinitiated when soliciing the analysis
    - I scan with few details