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It protects your computer in the cloud

We can say openly that Virtual Returnil Lite System is not of the best tools to protect our computer that we have seen. Even so, it is worth the trouble to stop itself to study it; and it is that it tells on options that yes that they position it as an interesting tool to consider.

Virtual Returnil Lite System tries to simplify the life to the user. It wants to be a tool almost invisible, able to detect threats without we do nothing. The certain thing is that it can do it, but can also give false alarms, something that a priori is quite annoying.

The most interesting part of the program in himself is the one that serves to create a virtual disk drive. Returnil Safe System is able to create a disk drive in the format and size that you want. In this unit you will be able to keep everything what you want, absolutely everything, and the best thing of everything is than this material will be completely out of danger even if our computer is infected. Something of most interesting, without doubt.

If we are handling potentially dangerous archives we will be able to do it in the cloud, something that will cause that our computer is not in danger absolutely. Thus, the virus, Trojans, worms and other potential threats, will completely be annulled with reinitiating our system.

This anti-virus counts on functions as restoration of the system, protects the archives that arrive at our e-mail as well as our navigation.

He is in English, this would not be a problem if it counted on a more intuitive interface; and it is that the certain thing is that Returnil System Safe Lite is not easy for which does not handle the Anglo-Saxon language. Too many scattered options by eyelashes. Without a doubt this is one of the disadvantages of the program.

Returnil System Safe fast Lite Arranca and the certain thing is that if consumes memory enough, although the cost of CPU not note absolutely, because it is possible to be continued working without no kind of problem.


  • - It does not consume memory in excess
    - It creates a virtual hard disk
    - It is possible to handle dangerous archives in the cloud to avoid infection
The Contras

  • - Intuitive and little somewhat complex interface
Returnil System Safe Lite