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71,33 Megabyte
Global Rising
Gratuitous protection of all type of malicious programs

Wonderful anti-virus come directly from Beijing, concretely of the Rising-global company. One is a powerful anti-virus able to end all the threats of Trojans, virus, rootkits and worms that find to their step.

One is a program with analysis under demand, however, it also counts on an analysis option whenever Windows begins. This option much we like, and, because the certain thing is that thanks to her we will be able to finish with dangerous programs that are not detectable once this in march our operating system.

Account with multiple options, for example, we will be able to watch our mail close by very, analyzing each one of the archives that arrive to us on a daily basis. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that this anti-virus counts on a section of the most interesting Tools call. In this section we will be able to from time to time lower small programs that will help to maintain our cleaner system us. They are specific programs to eliminate certain threats, nonextensions of this anti-virus.

One of the disadvantages of this anti-virus is that it is in English, therefore, much perhaps if we do not know we find some problem at the time of forming it; and it is that its interface is not all the easy one that we had been able to wish. It is certain that the basic options we found them without problems in three initial bellboys. However, at the time of forming certain options we perhaps find some difficulties.

A point to its favor is that we can use it without our operating system is affected for that reason. We will not notice that it goes slower nor it will prevent us to do normal works with our equipment. However, everything is saying, I scan is quite slow in comparison with another anti-virus.

Finally, for that they were waiting for this part, this anti-virus also counts on zone of group of forty, a function of most useful for those suspicious programs whose purpose is a little doubtful.


  • - Analysis under demand but with option of analysis when initiating Windows
    - Automatic updates
    - Many new options with Tools
    - It does not slow down our operating system
The Contras

  • - I scan a little slow
Rising Anti-virus