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Powerful anti-Trojan against false programs

Potentially malignant archives exist that are hidden in the file system of your equipment and which they alter the configurations of this. RogueKiller is a anti-Trojan that helps us to solve this problem and whose function is to detect and to eliminate processes in execution that are malicious and that sometimes are made happen through anti-virus.

This portable software is very useful, being compatible with Windows 32 bits and 64 bits, being effective against all type of false programs, maintaining your clean and free file system of threats. This anti-Trojan analyzes our system looking for in places where these archives could be that can damage our system.

After a fast RogueKiller analysis it detects the malicious programs and it allows to put them in group of forty or to eliminate them. Also, it offers the possibility of repairing or of recovering problems you with the Registry and the configurations of the system that could have been modified due to the action of these programs in your computer.

In addition to that, RogueKiller also allows to repair to problems with the archives hosts, the listings of proxys, the DNS, the direct access of your computer, etc. Also, detects and eliminates rootkits in your equipment.

This software appears with a simple and clean interface. When initiating the RogueKiller program undertakes pre-scan soon for taking step to a complete analysis of the system. In the eyelash of €œregistry€ you will be able to see all the processes detected as suspects and to eliminate them of your computer.


  • - Very effective tool against all type of deceptive programs
    - It recovers and it solves problems of Internet
    - Compatible with another anti-virus
The Contras

  • - She requires of knowledge
    - The computer can do sometimes slow