Shardana Anti-virus Rescue Disk Utility
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Davide Costa
Diverse discs of rescue to a single click

Perhaps at some time our system is completely inaccessible. It could be that our security failed, that we do not have a good anti-virus or simply we do not use it as it is due. The case is that these failures can end at a great problem, for example that our system does not react and that we cannot initiate Windows correctly. Normally this type of unexpected end is due to virus not detected or to even erase some file that we did not have to erase and that was essential for the starting. Luckily solutions for these desperate cases exist in which no longer we know that to do and that they are the rescue discs.

The rescue discs, that formerly were used format diskette, are CDs that counts on a countless number of tools to fix any type of failure or to provide archives of load of the beginning of Windows. Any developer of anti-virus will offer a good disc to us of starting. Despite why to use one when we can use more than 20? It is there where we found this Shardana program Anti-virus Rescue Disk Rescue Utility. One is not about a anti-virus nor a CD of rescue. Shadana is a program that offers the possibility to us of creating a disc countless number of rescue of different developers, such as they can be AVG, BitDefender, Kapersky or Eset, between very many others.

The program is simple to use, although it is only in English and Italian. We will observe several eyelashes to choose our operating system and later, in center of the screen, a great list of names so known as the dices previously. Once we choose the one that more convinces to us and following some simple steps, we will be able to create an image ISO to record in a CD, a DVD or an USB memory. Without a doubt an interesting tool to harness our last trick at the time of rescuing our system, a great rescue disc repertoire that will finish solving our problem.


  • - Easy to use
    - Account with an ample list of anti-virus and tools of rescue
    - It allows to create a rescue USB
The Contras

  • - In English
Shardana Anti-virus Rescue Disk Utility